About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2021 by Chris Chapman in North Carolina, Noir Rising is a marketplace and hub created by and for black entrepreneurs. With the ultimate goal of creating equitable opportunities for black-owned businesses to help them reach hard-earned success.

How We Work

We bring experts in their specific fields to share their knowledge with the vendors participating in our marketplace to provide them with the resources, information and connections they need to clear common stumbling blocks, thereby creating more equitable opportunities for success.

Why We Exist

We all know the small business landscape isn't an equal playing field for minorities, but did you know:

  • Eight in 10 Black-owned businesses fail within the first 18 months. 
  • 55% of black small business owners want to grow their business, rather than sustain it, or sell it.
  • 15% of black-owned businesses will use a credit card in their first year, 50% less than white counterparts. 
 It's different, because we've been there.
Welcome to the Family!
Chris Chapman